The Death of A Dancer.

The one thing that a dancer tries to avoid at all cost while doing the very strenuous sport is injuries. These to a dancer are like cancer to human beings, they take a very large toll on the body and take away from the dancers time to be in class and improving. Injuries can be incurred from doing just about anything on a daily basis, and it seems that they would be more common for dancers. While minor injuries tend to occur in dancers bodies on a regular basis, its the major injuries that affect the dancer on a greater level. Injuries that inhibit the dancer from being able to perform, take class, or function normally are the ones that we try to avoid on a daily basis. It seems that one would only get these from not being careful in dance, but injuries can also stem from many other factors. Dancers must take care of their bodies and eat healthy meals, drink more water than the recommended intake and stretch and warm up the muscles before using them so strenuously. If a dancer knows how to take care of their body in a proper way and they abide by their routine of stretching, eating and drinking, they can go through life without a single injury. While this seems very rare and almost impossible, many people have done it and continue to succeed on a daily basis, injury free. Another main problem of an injury is while it keeps you from the physical dancing, it also allows you body to tighten up where you would lose flexibility and lose some of the muscles memory that we work so hard to gain each and every day.

A Video of Inspiration:

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What to do after college?

Well one option that many people take it to audition and submit to a talent agency who will represent them if they are selected and liked enough by the agency. The purpose of a talent agent is having a representation of the dancer by a reputable company who refers specific dancers to specific auditions based on their ability and forte. When having a talent agent it makes it easier for dancers to book gigs, but does not guarantee anything because in the audition the dancer must show the talent in person that the agent preached about through email, phone or other contact. It is not always easy to have an agent represent a dancer because it takes exceptional talent and uniqueness to set the dancer apart from the community. There are many talent agencies that are available to represent dancers in the commercial industry and one of the most reputable and difficult agencies at this time is

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Company

The Alvin Ailey Company is one of the most inspirational and influential dance companies of all time, in my opinion. Founded in 1958 by choreographer and dancer Alvin Ailey, this group of 30 dancers is a modern dance company based out of New York, New York. In 1960 the company became a resident company of 51st street YWCA’s Clark Center for Performing Arts. It was at this time that Ailey created his first famous piece of work, Revelations. In 1969 the Ailey company also created a school when they relocated their residency, just a couple years after the current artistic director Judith Jameson joined the company. The company has toured all over the world including locations like: Russia, France and Cuba and they even had a residency in South Africa in the 1990’s. The Ailey company has performed for an estimated 21 million spectators, in 48 states, 71 countries and six continents. Alvin Ailey created over 79 dances for the company himself, but also took pride in the fact that his company did not only perform his works but they also performed repertory from a number of famous choreographers such as: Twyla Tharp, Katherine Dunham, Donald McKayle and Uri Sands to name a few. The company is still performing and inspiring dancers all over the world today and leaving the legend they have been leading since their existence.

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Even The Club…

Nothing is too much to keep dancers away from having fun and doing what we love. Going to the clubs in Hollywood is just one of the many extracurricular activities that dancers take part in outside of the studio. It is a place for us to go, let loose and dance the night away with the people we love the most. Many of my friends who are dance majors and also those who are not go on thursday nights because not only is the club fun and you get to meet new people, but also it is a time of stress relief and a time where we can forget everything that has happened and all of the pressures on our shoulders from school. The music that they play is very upbeat and full of bass and puts you in the perfect mood to dance and have fun. Although sometimes it can be packed, you end up meeting people you dont know because of close contact and crazy conditions, living your life for a night with no regrets and most of all having fun in the mean time. As a little teaser, here is one of my favorite club songs at this moment:

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Commercial Dance vs. Concert Dance

Coming from the world of commercial dance, where technical perfection was demanded from my turns, leaps, and tricks, the college world of concert dance has presented me with a whole new perspective on dance. Hitting the turn and perfecting every step of the routine was critical to the success of the piece once. Not only must the counts be correct and precise but musicality is almost always a must. The world where all of the flashy tricks were the ideal goal to reach and the most captivating parts of the dance means nothing to the world of concert dance. Telling stories through movement, using a whole new vocabulary of movement and a very deep thorough choreographic process are only a few of the major differences between the two extremes of dance. When coming to college I was exposed to this concert dance style which shocked me as awkward and unappealing. After almost a full year of exposure and immersion the feeling is more natural and innate. I feel much more commitment to the movement and style of dance as a whole. College has been nothing but the best experience and although it may seem like a waste of time to give four years of life to education over working, but its more than worth it because in the long run it will pay off. Below are two examples of a commercial dance piece and a concert dance piece.
Commercial Dance Piece!!!

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American College Dance Festival.

Also known as ACDFA has been one of the greatest and most enlightening experiences in college thus far. I have been exposed to a variety of dance styles that exist outside of Chapman and also gotten the experience to take class from many other professors from universities all over the western nation. One of the dance styles I found most interesting and fitting for me was a style called “hypermodern”. This is a very physically demanding and taxing style in which the dancer must be willing to throw around their body in ways that dont feel dont feel natural. This was my favorite class of the conference so far and has allowed my body to move in ways I didn’t know were possible and explore different methods of getting in and out of the floor and moving about the floor without a simple roll. The conference dates are March 23rd-26th and it calls for a full day running from 8:30 A.M. until approximately 9 P.M. Not only were we given the opportunity to take multiple amazing classes on a daily basis, but we were also given the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and showcase the work of our choreographer Alicia Okouchi-Guy. If it weren’t for all of the hard work Alicia put in, and the time she spent making this happen, we would not have been afforded this amazing opportunity. This gives us the opportunity to represent Chapman University at a festival away from the school where other schools and professors can witness the talent and beauty of the dancers. Assisting Alicias class was another highlight of the conference because we got to showcase a piece we were taught in a jazz class and showcase the kind of material she gives us to challenge us and push us to be amazing and versatile dancers. The experience is not yet over, but leaves me full of so many memories and thanks. I am so grateful that I was able to be a participant of this festival and meet and dance with such amazing students and professors. More to come, so stay tuned. check out ACDFA here:

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On the Money HOT!!

The hit show So You Think You Can Dance not only captivates an audience of thousands during its season, but they also have a blog informing the community about the newest and most up to date information related to the show or the dancers that have been a part of the show. This blog is extremely effective because it keeps the community of dancers and followers up to date on what is happening with the show and dancers when it is off season. You can find out information about the auditions that are upcoming and also be exposed to the work that dancers are booking and the major events that are taking place within the dance community. This blog doesn’t only keep you up to date with simple posts, but also links to other sites and videos directly related to the subject matter of the posts. I believe that this is a great blog to follow because it is updated rather frequently and all of the posts are very concise and important. There are no blogs that one would really find off topic or not interesting because they all strictly relate to the show. This blog is successful because the name of the show comes along with a lot of followers, which will drag many followers to the blog by nature out of liking for the show. The strategy used in the creation of this blog is genius because it keeps the community involved constantly without allowing down time, or periods of time where they could lose a great amount of followers. To check out more information about this blog and about this show, check it out here:

Heres a video of inspiration for dancers who love and appreciate raw talent.

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